Short and long term needs of customers service vehicles across the Aegean meets with the advantages of our company, partners and creating value for society is constantly evolving enterprise and reliable service company.

Short and long term car rental industry by creating economic profitability of the company with the highest and lowest quality vehicles to its fleet, is the goal of our company. Car rental industry as the target we always get the best, do not stop what we do in no time. The hardest thing in the world to have confidence in knowing that when we have earned the confidence of the people and for rent in the auto sector began to rise rapidly. Who knows very well the importance of earning the trust of customers, our company can afford to lose money than lose confidence has taken years of experience according to your wishes in all this has come to the next level. Nowadays, different options according to each company’s activities in the area are in need of tools. Vehicle purchase means for companies to find new financial resources. Rent a Car in September on behalf of clients, vehicles needs to solve in a short time is in line with demand.


In September Affordable Rent a Car class, with a variety of vehicles to luxury class are working to give you the best service . Our vehicles are on the page where you can rent a car and the prices of the properties can be viewed , from the Conditions page the Automobile, Commercial and Fleet can find more information about renting . September rent a car every year with renewed fleet consisting of our vehicles , individual leases and expatriates from abroad in the service of our professional staff offers the most affordable rates . Our references and the number of vehicles is increasing every day of our company reflects the quality of our car rental industry . Companies that need both tools to meet the needs of individuals , our company meets your needs each class of vehicles . Our vehicles are 0-2 and have rented places around the age of delivery or delivery to your location as well as offers you various alternatives .

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